The Cork Academy of Music reached a major milestone in 2019 as it celebrates its 25th Anniversary.

The Academy was founded in 1994 to fulfil a social need on the north side of cork city using music as a tool for social inclusion.

Through the years the Academy has catered for over 2,000 students -using a holistic approach to education-allowing students to take control of their lives, improve their self esteem and allowing them to demonstrate their abilities in music.

Founder and Chairman of the Academy Bob Seward stated, “We never realised at the foundation of the Academy in 1994 how successful it would become, twenty-five years on the Board and staff of the Cork Academy of Music are gratified with its many successes”.

Many of our former students have continued on to 3rd Level education and since graduated. The number of students progressing to 3rd Level continues to grow today.

Now the Cork Academy of Music provides opportunities to people of all ages and all abilities with access to a wide range of musical styles irrespective of their background at all levels in both formal and informal settings. Participants in Academy programmes ages range from 8 years of age to 80 plus years.

The Academy’s work is supported by the Cork Education and Training Board, the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection and the Cork City Council.

Located in the Iconic Griffin Burke Building in the North Monastery Campus the Academy continues to grow from strength to strength.

The need for the work the Academy carry out is still as necessary today as it was 25 years ago, in 1994 the academy engaged with an average of 24 students per week while today we engage with over 700 students of all ages in a wide range of settings on a weekly basis.